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Film Description

Four besties with hard-knock backstories reconnect at a “Redneck Resort” in south Louisiana for a peaceful weekend on the bayou, but can’t shake their troubles: Wendy lost her job, Ari lost her brother, Violet’s having nightmares, and Faye’s ex is stalking her. These girls need more help than they can find at the bottom of a margarita, and Wendy has a strange plan: summon the legendary goddess Erzulie, who is rumored to rule the local waters and bestow favor on women in need. Unfortunately, the local waters are recently off-limits due to the mysterious death of a Spring Break swimmer, but after a few too many cocktails, the group decides to throw caution to the wind and call Erzulie from the river on their first night. A harrowing accident ensues and forces them to abandon their mystic plans.

Film Details

  • Genre: Fantasy/Adventure
  • Director: Christine Chen
  • Year: 2022

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